Great Lebanese Women: Nadine Moussa

In a society that is often, especially within the political realm, overtly patriarchal, Nadine Moussa stands out as an exemplary example of a woman who rises up to confront issues within Lebanon head-on. Running first for a parliamentary seat and being snubbed of her de-facto victory when the parliament merely extended its mandate, Moussa went on to build a presidential campaign. Although she has virtually no chance to make any serious headway against a political elite that is governed often by certain families and is dominated by men, her efforts to raise key political issues and question the existing status quo have not gone unnoticed within Lebanese society.


Regardless of whether or not one agrees with her political views, we must give her credit for fighting for change when many in Lebanon have thrown up their hands and merely given up on the political system all together. Speaking in regards to her presidential bid, Moussa sated, “Running the country is not necessarily my ambition. My main goal was to put forth a new vision.”

Moussa is also a lawyer, social activist, wife and mother. To learn more about Moussa visit her Facebook page and read this article.


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